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Sample Lion


Draw and paint a lion’s head with the mane.

  • Art paper
  • Pencil
  • Brown crayon
  • Paint
  • Medium paintbrush
  • Fine paintbrush
  • Plastic fork


  1. Look at images of lions and discuss the shape of the head and colours of the mane. Note that the head shape is almost diamond like with rounded edges and a protruding snout.
  2. Using a pencil draw the frame of the head in the centre of the art paper. If the children are capable, they may be able to replicate the first example shown above. If they are young, then perhaps they can actually draw a diamond and add facial features as shown in the second sample.
  3. Add almond shaped eyes and lines leading down to snout. Add nose, mouth and any extra lines that might show more definition of eyes and nose.
  4. Paint face in a soft yellow/cream colour. Use brown and black paint to highlight eyes and nose. Water down the darker tones for shading on the face.
  5. Use a very light brown or yellow to paint strokes coming out from the edge of the face all the way round (for the mane). Add a darker brown layer of paint strokes. Continue to add yellow strokes and finally a few black and white strokes.
  6. Use the fork prongs to glide through the wet paint separating the colours to look like individual hairs on the main. Repeat this all the way round the mane.
  7. Use a thin paintbrush to paint in whiskers in either white or black.
  8. If needed use brown crayon to highlight any features on the face.
  9. Leave background white and display on a wall covered with black backing paper. Descriptive words about the lion could border the display.