How to Use Art to Get Children into the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is celebrated across the world by people from different cultures. Just as you  find  it celebrated in a  big way in Australia, it’s also the holiday season and time for  festivities in  Europe, America, Germany, Austria, Spain, Mexico and a number of Asian countries too. Most classrooms in our country have a mix of students from various cultures and for an art teacher that can prove to be the perfect setting to get their students excited about what Christmas actually means and how it’s celebrated in different cultures.
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Creative Christmas Decoration Craft Ideas for Kids

The year is almost coming to an end and this also heralds the approach of Christmas and the holiday season. While adults do look forward to the holidays and the festivities, kids are the ones that are most excited. Not only do they get to enjoy their holidays with their family, but they also indulge in treats and favourite foods. Most children are very enthusiastic about decorating their homes and of course their favourite- the Christmas tree!!
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Visual Art Lesson Plans

Art teachers work very hard to be up to speed with various creative ideas. They are constantly on the lookout for new art and craft projects that they would be able to teach their students.  While art may seem like an easy subject, the fact is that it’s not easy to hold the attention of children nowadays. With the advent of the Internet, kids today are unwilling to sit and apply their minds to doing something creative.  This makes it very challenging for the teachers to keep looking for something new that will hold the interest of the class as a whole.
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How Online Art Courses Enhance Learning

Art 4 My Room is a highly reputed, subscription-based website. The site has been especially developed with K-9 teachers in mind. Subscribers are able to access various online art classes and these can be used on smart boards, tablets and computers. Teachers are able to add printer-friendly lessons to their program. It’s a proven fact that visual arts are crucial for the knowledge growth and learning of students. It’s a creative & unique method of teaching children different ideas and concepts.
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Paint your Heroes

Everyone child has his or her hero- While some children are awed by policemen; others think that firemen are the ultimate heroes.  Some find pilots to be the ones they are most impressed by and of course almost every kid thinks their dad is a hero too.  In many ways this becomes an excellent topic for K-6 teachers to incorporate in their art classes. Teachers are always on the lookout to get their students to draw something new and interesting. After they have drawn mountains and hills and the moon and the stars and fairies; it’s best to move the children onto some real world topics.
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How Teachers can Help Students Make Special Gifts for Father’s Day

The first Sunday of September is Father’s day and children everywhere tend to plan big things for that day. The idea is to make their dads feel special. And what better way to show their love for their dad, than to gift a card or piece of artwork that they have created themselves? K-6 teachers are always on the lookout for new ideas to keep the little students engaged in some constructive activities and Art 4 My Room’s art lessons for kids offer the perfect tools to enthusiastic teachers who want their students to create something novel and interesting.
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Art lessons for kids: We make teaching art a breeze!

A warm welcome to Art4myroom! We are specialists in art lesson for kids. Schools will benefit if art is considered to be an important part of the K-6 curriculum. At our website, we have made available a huge variety of art lessons for kids to try. If you are a teacher, you will find that with us, teaching art is made easy.

Easy access is everything

We are very glad that you have visited our website. We truly believe that art is an incredibly important part of any school or home curriculum. Having lessons in hand available that are easy to teach is extremely important for today’s teachers. We have also kept in mind the materials and supplies that schools have available usually and most of our lessons can be done using those. We are teachers ourselves and that is why we understand very well the challenges you face in the classroom. Our website can be subscribed to by individual teachers or schools at a very reasonable price. Our easily accessible library of art lessons for kids is filled with fun and interesting activities that kids will enjoy doing.

Our goal

At Art4myroom, our goal has been to make art lessons for kids accessible easily by teachers and schools all over the country. That is why we have made our lessons available to be used in their printed form or on smartboards or tablets directly. The wonderful variety of lesson plans and ideas we have in store for you is a pretty exciting way to bring more creativity into classrooms. We truly believe that the arts are very important for the overall development of kids. Since kids learn better when they are enthusiastic and interested in the subject-matter, our lessons are veered towards making that happen.

At our website, signing up will give you access to a whole library of exciting art lessons for kids. Sign up with us and get inspiration all year long. We are dedicated to bring more and more interesting activities for kids and we will continue doing the same!

Putting more creativity into classrooms!

At Art4myroom, we have a treasure-trove of art activities for kids in K-6 classrooms. As a teacher, you may have a tough time trying to come up with appropriate art activities for kids. But not anymore! At Art4myroom, get your hands on a mammoth library of exciting art and craft ideas. They are easy to use in classrooms all over Australia.

Creativity: A way of letting kids express themselves

No matter what arts program you enrol a child in, it will usually help them express themselves better. In today’s modern times, as more and more people are leading secluded lives, it is important that kids learn to express themselves well while they are still young. Art is an interesting way to do just that. Whether it is pottery,craft or finger-painting, kids can benefit a lot if they are allowed to be creative. Our art activities for kids are a whole lot of fun and will keep your classroom colourful all year long.

Impressing parents and teachers is easy when you have us!

How? Well, our interesting art activities for kids will surely help your classroom spend hours in creating work that can be displayed. We frequently keep updating our website to bring in more activities that will help you turn your classroom walls into a pretty picture. Throughout the year, you can keep displaying amazing pieces that the kids have created.

Inspiring children is not tough

Colours are amazing. A little colour can add a dash of life into boring lessons. That is why our art activities for younger kids are such a lot of fun. They keep classes from getting too boring and can be incorporated with lessons with ease. We have a huge array of art activities for kids to get inspired with.

Come to Art4myroom today and check out what we have to offer. We even have prizes on offer for children who have done really well with ideas from our website. We welcome both schools and individual teachers to subscribe to our website and get access to a huge collection of art activities for kids.

Art in education: Why is it important?

As more and more schools in Australia put art in the background of the curriculum, the children are missing out on something very important. Art is not only something that is pretty; it has many benefits to offer. At Art4myroom, we have made it our goal to make sure that all schools have a liberal amount of art education. At our subscription-based website, teachers and schools can get their hands on a mammoth library of art classes for kids. They are perfect for times when one is short of ideas and yet wants the kids to be occupied doing something that is productive.

Benefits of art among children

Children who go to K-6 grades are among the most active ones. They also have a high capacity for absorbing knowledge. They are at an age where it is easy to learn new things. That is why the following art benefits  are so important.

  • Creativity: Art can enhance the learning of other key learning areas such as literature, mathematics, science and history.
  • Academic performance: It is wrong to think that it is something that does not affect academic performance. It does. Many studies have shown that children who spend a considerable amount of time with arts and crafts get better grades in school than their counterparts.
  • Visual learning: Visual learning is extremely essential for the proper development of kids, especially those who are younger. Children cannot know about the world through a lot of numbers and text alone.

Art helps them learn a lot more things about their environment than books can ever teach them. Art helps children develop concepts and express themselves in a different way to reading and this helps the children retain information better

Art classes for kids can be a fun and exciting experience: Choose us for great ideas

It is not difficult to bring more art to classrooms across Australia. At Art4myroom, we make available a variety of ideas for art classes for kids and put them in an easily-accessible format. Our subscription-based website is highly affordable for teachers and schools looking for inspiration for art classes for kids. Check out our website today and find out what we can offer you.

Getting your hands on new art lessons for kids

In education, the importance of arts is gradually decreasing. More and more schools are cutting arts from the curriculum reducing the amount of visual arts from their timetable as they are time poor. Such a fun learning activity is being lost on many of today’s children. There is no doubt that art lessons for kids can be extremely enjoyable. Art not only gives children the opportunity to learn, it is also a great way of expressing themselves. Whether it is finger-painting or using newer and exciting techniques to create unique pieces of art, it is the responsibility of teachers to try to bring more of it into classrooms.

New art lessons for kids are right here!

At Art4myroom, we are teachers ourselves. We have already made a name for ourselves by bringing ideas that are new, fun and exciting. Our art lessons for kids are easily accessible on our website. We have a huge range available and choosing a lesson is easy as long as you know what lesson category you want. We think that our website is a benefit for teachers who are trying to bring in more creativity into their classrooms but have no idea how. Whether you are an art teacher or not, we are sure that our library is something you can make use of.

Subscribing with us is easy!

If you want to get your hands on a variety of art lessons for kids that will open their minds and brighten up the classroom, our library is an exciting place to be. All you have to do to access it is sign up and choose a lesson category you are interested in. As soon as you pinpoint a lesson you like, you are ready to teach it. Whether you want to teach it with the help of your iPad, a tablet or a smartboard, you will have no problems doing so.

At Art4myroom, we are bringing art into more and more classrooms in Australia. We are already a known name among teachers who have used our service to their great advantage. If you are having difficulty thinking of new craft activities for children in your classroom, you will love us!

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