How to Use Art to Get Children into the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is celebrated across the world by people from different cultures. Just as you  find  it celebrated in a  big way in Australia, it’s also the holiday season and time for  festivities in  Europe, America, Germany, Austria, Spain, Mexico and a number of Asian countries too. Most classrooms in our country have a mix of students from various cultures and for an art teacher that can prove to be the perfect setting to get their students excited about what Christmas actually means and how it’s celebrated in different cultures.

Art isn’t just about colours and shapes, materials and creativity; it’s a lot about using various craft mediums and ideas to teach children different interesting things. Since kids love getting messy, using paints crayons and glue to stick craft paper while making their artwork is a fun time.  Art teachers can add a lot of fun ideas to the classroom in the days leading up to the Christmas holidays.

Creative ideas

Most children have very creative minds. While you can give them a free hand sometimes and tell them to create something artistic and Christmas specific with materials you provide them, you can also introduce ideas and give them direction while they are creating their artwork. Some of the different things they can do are:

  • Get the class to draw what they like most about Christmas and the holidays. Their drawings can be turned into cards they can take home or you can also pin them up on the board in the classroom, where everyone can admire them.
  • You can teach the children to make handmade picture frames or pen holders and get them to decorate them with plastic candycanes or holly made with paper and beads. Teach them how to create streamer cut-outs of different shapes and figures.
  • In one session you can get them to draw pictures of themselves, but in some seasonal character like Santaclaus, Elves, shepherds, angels or even reindeer. Children can also create masks of these characters and you can turn it into an extremely fun activity for them.

Learning and fun rolled into one

There are a number of art and craft ideas you can use to add a Christmassy spirit in your art class. While you are sure to find a number of online portals that provide you access to different art ideas, they don’t have a methodical approach to how the activities should be conducted. This is where you will find us different.  Our well laid out website is a treasure-house of art and craft ideas.

There are unique lessons and guides you can use in your classroom, to help your students develop an interest in art and craft. On the Art 4 My Room website you will find innovative painting ideas. We provide tips and plans that show you how to adopt a thematic approach to crafts and art. For any more information about our different art lesson plans, please visit the Art 4 My Room website & subscribe to it.