Creative Christmas Decoration Craft Ideas for Kids

The year is almost coming to an end and this also heralds the approach of Christmas and the holiday season. While adults do look forward to the holidays and the festivities, kids are the ones that are most excited. Not only do they get to enjoy their holidays with their family, but they also indulge in treats and favourite foods. Most children are very enthusiastic about decorating their homes and of course their favourite- the Christmas tree!!

Art teachers in schools are always very keen to involve students in season or holiday-specific activities.  The pre-Christmas weeks become the perfect time to include a number of activities related to the holiday season.

Some innovative ideas

The festival is celebrated in many different ways and most schools have students from different cultures. As an art teacher, this gives you ample opportunity to find many innovative and creative ideas to fire up the children’s imagination.

You can get the class started on these little projects and send them home with the kids to complete while they are on a holiday break. If you prefer, you can get the class to complete their artwork the week before Christmas, while they are at school. Here are some tips from Art 4 My Room that can help you get all your students involved in creating Christmas-related art and craft pieces such as:

  • Christmas trees made from strips of coloured paper- You can teach them to use contrasting colours to make interesting and unique-looking Christmas trees. Teach them how to decorate the trees using small pieces of paper or some other embellishments.
  • Colouring pages- Majority of children love to colour and paint. Depending on the ages of the students in your classroom, you can get them to make their own colouring pages with holiday-themed drawings and ask them to colour them in vivid Christmassy shades.
  • Christmas bookmarks- The kids can make these for their parents or any other family members. You can teach them how to make single strip bookmarks or ones with folds. Get them to monogram these bookmarks with words like” Mom” “Dad” or a siblings name.
  • Christmas tree decorations- While every home has Christmas tree decorations, parents love it when  their kids make something special to hang on the tree- You can teach them how to make papier mache decorations and get them to paint these and embellish them with sparkling paints or paper.

How to keep the children involved in art activities 

As you can see, there is no dearth of ideas when it comes to getting your students in art class excited about the holiday season. In fact, you can get children to draw pictures of how they celebrate Christmas in their homes- it’s a great way to get the students acquainted with what the festival means to people from different cultures.

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