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Appreciating and Making

Artwork is shallow and meaningless if the artist doesn’t put thought and expression into it. Students need to understand the process behind creating artwork and this process doesn’t just include the techniques and mediums, but also the ideas and creative … Continue reading


Drawing is often the foundation for different art techniques and styles because it provides the artist with a guideline. While it’s possible to create great artwork without drawing anything, it’s a good idea for students to learn as much as … Continue reading


Painting is a very flexible and comfortable way of bringing art to life. It allows students to flex their art muscles and take their work in any direction they like. Painting offers opportunities to explore the qualities of imaginary, naturalistic … Continue reading

Creative Christmas Decoration Craft Ideas for Kids

The year is almost coming to an end and this also heralds the approach of Christmas and the holiday season. While adults do look forward to the holidays and the festivities, kids are the ones that are most excited. Not … Continue reading

Visual Art Lesson Plans

Art teachers work very hard to be up to speed with various creative ideas. They are constantly on the lookout for new art and craft projects that they would be able to teach their students.  While art may seem like … Continue reading

How Online Art Courses Enhance Learning

Art 4 My Room is a highly reputed, subscription-based website. The site has been especially developed with K-9 teachers in mind. Subscribers are able to access various online art classes and these can be used on smart boards, tablets and … Continue reading

Paint your Heroes

Everyone child has his or her hero- While some children are awed by policemen; others think that firemen are the ultimate heroes.  Some find pilots to be the ones they are most impressed by and of course almost every kid … Continue reading

How Teachers can Help Students Make Special Gifts for Father’s Day

The first Sunday of September is Father’s day and children everywhere tend to plan big things for that day. The idea is to make their dads feel special. And what better way to show their love for their dad, than … Continue reading

Art lessons for kids: We make teaching art a breeze!

A warm welcome to Art4myroom! We are specialists in art lesson for kids. Schools will benefit if art is considered to be an important part of the K-6 curriculum. At our website, we have made available a huge variety of … Continue reading

Putting more creativity into classrooms!

At Art4myroom, we have a treasure-trove of art activities for kids in K-6 classrooms. As a teacher, you may have a tough time trying to come up with appropriate art activities for kids. But not anymore! At Art4myroom, get your … Continue reading

Art in education: Why is it important?

As more and more schools in Australia put art in the background of the curriculum, the children are missing out on something very important. Art is not only something that is pretty; it has many benefits to offer. At Art4myroom, … Continue reading

Getting your hands on new art lessons for kids

In education, the importance of arts is gradually decreasing. More and more schools are cutting arts from the curriculum reducing the amount of visual arts from their timetable as they are time poor. Such a fun learning activity is being … Continue reading