Art in education: Why is it important?

As more and more schools in Australia put art in the background of the curriculum, the children are missing out on something very important. Art is not only something that is pretty; it has many benefits to offer. At Art4myroom, we have made it our goal to make sure that all schools have a liberal amount of art education. At our subscription-based website, teachers and schools can get their hands on a mammoth library of art classes for kids. They are perfect for times when one is short of ideas and yet wants the kids to be occupied doing something that is productive.

Benefits of art among children

Children who go to K-6 grades are among the most active ones. They also have a high capacity for absorbing knowledge. They are at an age where it is easy to learn new things. That is why the following art benefits  are so important.

  • Creativity: Art can enhance the learning of other key learning areas such as literature, mathematics, science and history.
  • Academic performance: It is wrong to think that it is something that does not affect academic performance. It does. Many studies have shown that children who spend a considerable amount of time with arts and crafts get better grades in school than their counterparts.
  • Visual learning: Visual learning is extremely essential for the proper development of kids, especially those who are younger. Children cannot know about the world through a lot of numbers and text alone.

Art helps them learn a lot more things about their environment than books can ever teach them. Art helps children develop concepts and express themselves in a different way to reading and this helps the children retain information better

Art classes for kids can be a fun and exciting experience: Choose us for great ideas

It is not difficult to bring more art to classrooms across Australia. At Art4myroom, we make available a variety of ideas for art classes for kids and put them in an easily-accessible format. Our subscription-based website is highly affordable for teachers and schools looking for inspiration for art classes for kids. Check out our website today and find out what we can offer you.